Battle for North Walsham 2020 – History visits for Schools

The logo of Battle for North Walsham - 1381 Revisited

Working with our historical advisors ‘Black Knight Historical‘, we are delighted to offer any local schools within 10 miles of North Walsham a FREE 1381 Workshop with a visit from Rebel leader Geoffrey Litster.   This will be an hour session, to the school, at a mutually agreed time before March 2020.

Children will find out about local history from the costumed ringleader- the reasons behind the nationwide unrest, jobs, lifestyles and artefact handling. And what happened to him!

Ian Pycroft, pictured below in costume, will also assist schools in participating in the event. School children can make shields for shop windows and banners which will be hung in the Town Centre. He is also offering advice on drama and music, and how to get involved in the actual event next July 17-19th.

Note: The school should encourage all children to design shields and banners based on real 14th Century heraldic designs. The best one, chosen by the school, can be painted or printed and displayed as part of the pageant.  The project will provide, free of charge, a blank wooden shield and plain white banner to each participating school for the winning designs.

A picture of Ian Pycroft in Geoffrey Litster costume

Geoffrey Litster, the rebel leader

After careful consideration and with a heavy heart we are sad to announce  that the 2020 event has been cancelled  due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The safety of the public is paramount and we would ask that you all continue to look after yourselves, look out for each other and offer help where you can.

On the upside we will continue to plan to ensure that the event in 2021, date TBC, will be even better than we envisaged this year.

Keep Safe!!

Barry Hester

Joint Chair of Battle for North Walsham - 1381 Revisited